Nip and Tuck's Cookie Game

start again Nip has baked some cookies and wants
to share them with Tuck.

"Come here, Tuck," said Nip.
"Where is Here?" called Tuck.
"Here is where I am," called Nip.

Help Tuck get the cookies and find his way to Nip.

Aim of the game:
Move Tuck to collect the three cookies; then go to Nip's square in the lower right corner!

How to play:
Use the top row of number keys -
'1' and '2' move left and right.
'9' and '0' move down and up.

Keep out of the corners; stay towards the middle; stay and wait in open areas to keep your option open.
Spot and remember where the cookies are. Back up and try round-about paths if they are open.
You can hold down a direction key while you wait for a path; when the path is clear you will move.

Many thanks to Kien Caoxuan for his javascript!
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