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My studio has a drawing table, lots of art supplies and books, other tables, several mirrors (which I use for drawing different expressions or body positions) and other stuff that I like.

If I'm writing a story, I've found that my best places to write are either on the train, sitting in my car, or on the sofa. I don't know why. Then after it's all written, I can come into the coop and fix and edit the story on my computer.

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Once I have a story, either one that I've written or one from another author, I break up the text so that it reads well and and so there will be good places to turn the page. Then I do thumbnail sketches (thumbnails are tiny versons of the picture) for the whole book, usually with a few different choices for each page to see which works the best. Then I'll scan those into the computer, enlarge them, and make a rough "dummy" (a mock-up) of the book. It's really great when the writing and the pictures start to work together.

From this rough dummy, I refine the sketches and start to add more detail to create a finished dummy. This dummy gets sent to the editor and the art director, who then will make suggestions or changes. After all the changes have been made and approved, I go on to the finished art work. I start by making finished pencil drawings.


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