Lisa's Twelve Step Program for Making a Book

Lisa's Twelve Step Program for Writing a Book

1) Start with the text Find something personal in it, whether you wrote it or not.

2) Know what kind of a book it is and who it's for. Is it a reader, picture book, or chapter book? Each has its own type of design.

3) Fold 8 pieces of paper in half for a 32 page book.

4) Break text up into dummy so that it reads well. Remeber pacing, having action on each page if possible, and make it so you'd want to turn the page.

5) Develop characters and place. It's up to the illustrator to show who and where these characters are. Make it interesting!

6) Do lots of thumbnail sketches to go along with text. Experiment with viewpoint, size. What can the illustrations add to the text that's not in the story? Don't just be redundant.