Lisa's Twelve Step Program for Making a Book

Lisa's Twelve Step Program for Writing a Book

7) Enlarge and refine the thubnails and put them in the dummy. These drawings don't have to be really good., but be clear about your ideas.

8) Send it in to the editor. Be patient!

9) Make changes. Remember, nothing is precious and can always be made better! Listen and be open minded. This is collaborative.

10) Do a well drawn version of the dummy. This should be as close to what you want as possible. There will still be changes, but the better drawn the pictures are, the easier it will be.

11) Experiment with technique. Do what you do best! But don't be afraid to try something new if it's appropriate to the text.

12) The cover. Remember, a book really is judged by its cover! Try not to choke!

— Lisa Thiesing