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Big Hearted Hilda just loves to be helpful. She even wants to help that mad scientist, Dr. Weinerstein, who is rumored to make monsters in his creepy mansion on Vampire Hill.

Weird Dr. Weinerstein doesn't want Hilda's help, but that won't stop this dauntless do-gooder. While Hilda is busy cleaning, cooking, and trying her best to take care of him, Dr. W. cooks up something to take care of her — once and for all!

But the result is not exactly what the doctor ordered ... and even scarier than what he imagined.

Named "A Best Book of the Year" by the Children's Book Committee of Bank Street College

ages: 4 - 8

Illustrations from Hilda And The Mad Scientist:

Hilda stairway spread a saloon girl

cook kitchen spread

lab spread itchy socks

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