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"Mr. Pudmuddle has an unusual way of doing things. He eats his picnic and then packs his picnic basket. He goes grocery shopping and then comes home and makes his grocery list. He eats dinner in the morning and breakfast in the evening hours. He dresses before he takes a bath. One of his favorite dishes is "soodle noup" and he enjoys "tuttered boast" for his evening meal. But the fun really begins when he meets the future Mrs. Pudmuddle and decides to have a house built for her. Softly drawn illustrations show the robust, cheerful couple who are happy with their offbeat lifestyle. Those readers who enjoyed Peggy Parish's "Amelia Bedelia" tales are sure to flock to this chapter book about a zany, but lovable, pair." Gr 2-4
      —Sharron McElmeel, Cedar Rapids Community Schools, IA

ages: 7 - 10

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Booklist's review of Pudmuddles

Mr. Pudmuddle is an unusual man known for his backward ways. He eats dinner in the morning and breakfast at night, bathes with his clothes on, and is fond of eating soodle noup and tuttered boast. When he decides to marry, he engages the firm of Hustle, Bustle, and Rush to build a house. The builders comply but in their haste make a few mistakes (the bathtub is placed in the hallway, for instance). Mrs. Pudmuddle moves in, and the newlyweds set about getting the builders to correct their errors, with predictably hilarious results. Much of the humor in this easy chapter book comes from York's matter-of-fact presentation of ridiculous situations. At the Pudmuddles' wedding, for example, the guests eat cake before the ceremony and finish up with the organist's playing "Here Comes the Bride." Thiesing's cartoonlike illustrations appear in every chapter, adding gentle wit to the eccentric cast of characters. A great pick for young readers who can appreciate York's absurdities and wordplay; some students may even want to try creating Pudmuddle stories of their own.

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