Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls cover Silly Times flap

Nip and Tuck, the two silliest of silly trolls, are back with three new adventures. In these stories the two goofy friends try to keep track of where they are, what time it is, and how to make things nice on ice.

None of this is simple for the trolls, who are easily confused, but Nip and Tuck are used to getting mixed up, and in their own funny way they always manage to make everything right together.

"Two trolls, Nip and Tuck, give kids the opportunity to work on their concept skills in a very funny framework. In the first vignette, Nip wants Tuck to "come here," but Tuck isn't exactly sure where that elusive place is. In the second, the trolls learn what constitutes a poem, and in the third, they tackle time when they find a clock that is stuck on five. Kids will enjoy both the short stories and the comical pictures in this I-Can-Read entry."


Children's Choices for 1997 (IRA/CBC)

grades: K - 3

Illustrations from Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls:

pages 14 and 15 troll bath

troll house pages 32 and 33

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