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the ghosts

"In this sequel to "Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane" (1989), the Sweet children (who aren't particularly sweet) visit their elderly friend Amy Steadings and the ghosts in her attic. The English village backdrop and the great house filled with antiques may seem remote to some kids, but the Sweets will win readers.

The feisty brood, whose sibling rivalries are brilliantly evoked in a few choice phrases, are actually more interesting than the ghosts, with their eighteenth-century manners and their whining about the hardships of ghosting. The housekeeper, Ghastly Gerty, who helps her larcenous son steal antiques from the house, is also memorable – because she's so sour. Young readers will enjoy the Sweets' squabbles and their lively, nondemanding adventures."

grades: 4 - 7

Illustrations from The Ghastly Ghertie Swindle with the Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane:

pages 78 and 79
dog and monkey

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