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School Library Journal:

page 38

"When Harry and his cousin Jill find a talking jeweled sword in the wreckage of a building, they set in motion the old patterns of fantasy: a quest to rescue a damsel, and the overcoming of three trials. But there are some twists. Harry can't let go of the sword, and he and Jill are transported to the land of Mandragora. The damsel turns out to be Harry's old dog, Queenie, kidnapped by the Bad Wizard. Jill's gum helps them through one trial; the children easily answer the requisite riddle of the second challenge; and the third is taken care of by Queenie, who befriends a fire-breathing dragon. Everyone is home in time for tea, and the sword flies off to its next adventure. This spoof, all plot and virtually no characterization, is aimed at a slightly younger age group than the usual readers of conventional high fantasy. Cartoonlike illustrations in loose black line suit the humorous, light tone of the story." Gr 2-5
      —Susan Hepler, Alexandria City Public Schools, VA

grades: 3 - 6

Illustrations from The Quest For Queenie:

pages 62 and 63 dog bed

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