The Scarecrow's Clothes Game start scarecrow game

Help Peggy get her clothes back in this fast-paced game, based on "The Scarecrow's New Clothes" Book. Get those clicking fingers ready – you'll need quick reflexes for this one!

All Better Memory Game opens in a new window start All Better game

Do you know exactly where everything in your room is, even though everyone complains about what a mess it is? Then this game's for you! You'll need a sharp eye and a good memory to play this picture-puzzle game, based on Lisa's "All Better" Book.

Nip and Tuck's Cookie Game start cookie game

Those silly trolls love to eat cookies as much as Pac-Man! Disclaimer: several actual cookies were eaten during the making of this game. Based on the book "Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls". (note: your computer does NOT need to accept cookies to run this game!)

These games were adapted from original javascripts written by Kien Caoxuan.
   Thank you Dr. Kien!


Peggy the Pig Paper Doll opens in a new window

A paper doll of Peggy the Pig, with lots of stylish outfits to cut out and color!
(Print on heavy paper. Ask an adult if you need help with cutting.)

Tuck's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Bake Tuck's favorite cookies at home, or couple them with a reading activity in your classroom.